New Year, New Client

Happy World Cup year! We are very excited to start this new year with lots of soccer and big plans on the horizon. Not only will we be celebrating two years of operations on February 3rd but we are starting the year of with a new client! Soccer continues to grow in the USA and it’s exciting for us to be part of the action in one of the fastest growing leagues, the National Premiere Soccer League (NPSL). Our newest client is Houston Regals SCA, the oldest semi-pro team in Houston and a member of the NPSL’s Lone Star Conference. We are excited to work with them this 2018 Season and manage their marketing, sponsorship and event operations.

On February 24th, Houston Regals SCA will be hosting their Final Tryout in preparation for the 2018 NPSL season. We’re looking for local talent to fill the few remaining roster spots and therefore encourage all players 16 years and older to register here.


For information on sponsorship and other partnership opportunities, please contact Maria Duran at


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